£6.5m Circular Economy Fund Launched

WRAP Cymru have launched a £6.5m Circular Economy Fund (CEF) to support the use of recycled plastic, paper/card, or textiles by manufacturers of products or packaging in Wales

The fund follows on from WRAP Cymru's £4.15m ARID grant programme which ran from October 2011 to March 2015, from which we sucessfuly helped Welsh SMEs secure awards of £4.87m*.  If you are a Welsh manufacturer or interested in setting up in Wales, and would like to discuss the suitability of projects for the CEF grant, please call us on 01443 821619 or send an email to

Further information is available on WRAP's website.

*grants awarded were greater than the total programme value as a small number of projects did not draw down the awarded grants and the monies were reallocated.