Humphreys Waste Recycling, Source Segregated Waste Collections, Anglesey

Services delivered: Market research, opportunity identification and evaluation, feedstock availability study, sourcing funding, strategy development, business plan preparation, grant application.

This waste management company based in Anglesey, approached us with the idea of expanding their operations.

We were commissioned by Humphreys Recycling to investigate the feasibility of, and assist in planning, the expansion of their operations, and to assist with securing funding. The company offers customised waste bins and skips for use by commercial and industrial customers throughout Anglesey and north Wales.

We provided focus and direction in developing the business, and our work included:

  • Market research, and the identification and evaluation of business opportunities;
  • A feedstock availability study;
  • The development of a strategy for expanding the company’s operations, drafting of a new business plan;
  • Monitoring of business performance, and the auditing of business processes to ensure permit compliance; and
  • Assistance to source the required funding, including bank and private sector loans, and grant applications to purchase waste collection and sorting equipment.

In conjunction with Technia Environment and Planning we also provided:

  • Environmental permitting applications and town planning advice; and
  • Environmental performance monitoring.

We continue to work with Humphreys Waste Recycling and play an integral role advising and supporting the business as it continues to grow.

"We approached TBSL as we needed a more structured approach to our strategy for growth. In particular we were looking for someone to help us secure funding so that we could increase our ability to collect and sort waste.

TBSL were able to provide us with all we needed and more, not only assisting us to secure vital funds to expand our services and increase our recycling performance, but also giving us a blueprint for future growth, meaning Humphreys Waste Recycling has a clear plan for the coming years."

Kevin Humphreys, Director – Humphreys Waste Recycling